05 January 2009

Freezing Baby Food In Ice Cube Trays - First Attempt

My zealous attempts at making homemade baby food for Sya has landed me to experiment the "Freezing Baby Food In Ice Cube Trays" technique. I wanted to place them in the medium size zip lock bag for easy storage but TESCOs ran out of them.

We bought some cheap ice cube trays from tesco but when I bent them, it made a cracking sound that made me jump. Not good. Must hunt for better ice cube trays.


I dream of this :


I was a bit sceptical about storing them coz I've not found a proper one with lid, so I placed them in airtight containers. Huge fan of them and they are made in Korea. They also have mini containers within the containers and Parksons had them at 50% sale when I bought them so lucky me.



As bacteria forms quickly I had to quickly transfer them onto the airtight containers. Now I must stress how important it is on the dos and donts of homemade baby food cleanliness.


Check here for more info -
Baby Food Tips and Hints - Do's
Baby Food Tips and Hints - Dont's

But all in all, this was a good atempt for a first timer.


  1. ice tray y ada lid tu leh cari kt daiso :) RM5jer :)


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