10 May 2012

I'm addicted to BENTO again - Meet The Dubiens

Alamak, dah lama tak ber BENTO and suddenly bila baca blog yang ni

cam membuak-buak balik semangat nak BENTO semula, especially now since Mimi dah ok sikit eczema dia.
The blog is called Meet The Dubiens 

Seriously I tell you, this mak is super awesome when it comes to BENTO and creativeness. FOOD SHOULD BE FUN!!!

She also has a posting dedicated to lunch box and bento ideas here


  1. owh so cute!but time consuming.huhuh.xpela asalkan anak nak makan kan. :D

  2. ouh kak. im soo into it now. hahaha. nak p cari more stuff to use. Nanti akak share more tips ye kak. pwetty pleasee~

  3. Salam kak..cuba tengok blog glazsliper.blogspot.com...comel2 bento nya..


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